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Where can you sleep in a tent, cook over a fire, ride a zip line across a river…twice, explore the cave where Jesse James once hid stolen treasure, test your outdoor skills and meet new friends?

This and more is possible at the upcoming national jamboree held at Huzzah Valley Resort in Steelville, Missouri. Youth from across the country will converge there July 10-15, 2016. While that may seem a long way off, now is the time to begin preparing. Here are ways you can do that:

1.  Start saving money! Registration is $250, so be on the lookout for ways to earn cash. Aside from the registration fee, you may want to bring a little spare change so you can collect awesome souvenirs to remind you of your time in the Valley.

2.  Prepare and practice! You can work up an appetite paddling a canoe, hiking through a cave or representing your division in a competition. Practice your cooking skills so you won’t go hungry! And, while we hope no one needs it, knowing basic first-aid may come in handy if a friend skins a knee or your leader has a nasty run in with a bee.

Here is a list of all the requirements.

  • Youth participants must have completed sixth grade AND be between the ages of 12 an 17 on the the first day of the jamboree.
  • Membership – Be a registered member of a Girl Guard, Adventure Corps Ranger or Salvation Army Boy Scout troop.
  • Mastery – Earn the emblems listed for your troop.
    Guards – Discovery 1 or 2, Hit the Trail, Roughing It, and Safety First-First Aid emblems
    Rangers – Star Level, Campcraft, Backpacking, Emergency Preparedness emblems
    Boy Scouts – Second Class Scout, First Aid, Camping, and Hiking Merit Badges
  • Take part in the pre-jamboree training scheduled by your DHQ.

Check back here regularly for news and updates.

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preJAMBOREE is a weekend of preparation for the NATIONAL JAMBOREE. 

  • Youth participants must have completed sixth grade AND be between the ages of 12 an 17 on the the first day of the jamboree.
  • Membership – Be a registered member of a Girl Guard, Adventure Corps Ranger or Salvation Army Boy Scout troop.

preJamboree will take place at our very own ALC! Come ready for fun and adventure.

Registration due May 6th

Must be registered for the National Jamboree

Must have a parent permission form filled out and handed to your Corps Officer

Click HERE! to register

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Youth Councils Illuminate
to Apr 17

Youth Councils Illuminate

  • Paper Valley Radisson Hotel (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join us for Youth Councils April 15-17 at the Paper Valley Radisson Hotel in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our guest speaker this year is NFL Chaplain Ray McElroy, with performances by our very own Singing Company and Guest appearances by Dave and Brian!

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Asbury University Winter ACCESS Visit Weekend
to Jan 31

Asbury University Winter ACCESS Visit Weekend

               Winter ACCESS Day Salvation Army Visit Weekend January 28-31, 2016




Dear Divisional Youth Secretaries and Corps Officers,

Asbury University will be holding Winter ACCESS Days from January 28-31, 2016..

On ACCESS Days prospective students meet approximately 50 other students interested in Asbury College, experience what the current Asbury College students are like and could possibly meet future classmates.

Regardless of where students attend college, a campus visit is imperative before making a final decision. 

 Where students spend four years of college can have a large impact on the rest of their life from friendships and relationships to lifestyle, career, and most importantly, lifelong values.  Daniel Osborne, a sophomore from Union, Ky., said about his campus visit, "Visiting Asbury is the only way to get a real feel of community. People can talk about it on Web sites and in reports, but until someone visits, they can’t really grasp how powerful the communal aspect of college is."


This year Asbury University is offerings a visit weekend specifically for Salvation Army students!


This is a great opportunity for juniors and seniors in high school to experience the Asbury community firsthand. Students will explore majors, attend classes, worship in chapel and spend the night in a residence hall.   During the Salvation Army Visit Weekend students will meet Asbury's Salvation Army staff and students, learn aboutthe financial aid opportunities for Salvationists, and get more familiar with Asbury Campus.

The ACCESS schedule will conclude early Friday evening.  Immediately following the Admissions-Office sponsoredevent, The Salvation Army delegates will then have opportunity to experience SASF (Salvation Army Student Fellowship) community firsthand for the rest of the weekend.

The SASF (Salvation Army Student Fellowship) will provide opportunities to visit the Moulton Memorial Student Center, meet The Salvation Army students who are enrolled in the University, as well as experience fun and fellowship events in Wilmore and surrounding communities. This portion of the visitation weekend will conclude after Sunday morning worship with the SASF.

 If you are interested in attending this weekend preview go to the Asbury University Website and register online.


Once you have registered, send Barb Higgins the attached permission slips.  Barb_higgins@USC.salvationarmy.org

If you have any questions about the Salvation Army Visit Weekend, please contact

the Visit Coordinator by email at visit@asbury.edu or by phone at (859) 858-3511, ext. 2374

or call Barb Higgins 1-847-942-0493.


If you have questions or want more details contact Barb Higgins 847.942.0493 at THQ Youth Department. 


Major Monty Wandling

Territorial Youth Secretary

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I'll FIGHT Day
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I'll FIGHT Day

I’ll Fight Day is a Salvation Army youth servant evangelism day that will take place all across the world on Saturday, December 5th, 2015. I’ll Fight Day is a way for you to share the Gospel through practical acts of kindness: like giving out free hot chocolate, returning shopping carts or cleaning up at a mall food court. These acts are done “in Jesus name” for the purpose of sharing God’s love in a way that leads others to ask “Why are you doing this?”

This event is a local, youth-led initiative where you and your friends can decide how you want to serve others in your community. There are many helpful resources available to help you participate in this event. Instructions, resources and promotional graphics can be downloaded on this website.

The opportunities are endless for you to show the love of Christ in practical ways and help identify the Kingdom of God in your community. This is a great chance for you to join the revolution. I’ll fight to the very end! Will you?


I’ll Fight Day happens in your own city, neighborhood, corps, local mall, parking lot, intersection – wherever you can plant the seeds of revolution! I’ll Fight Day is what you make of it, right where you already are!

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