The Junior Soldier is the Senior Soldier, the Local Officer, and the Officer of tomorrow. Junior soldiers are children between the ages of seven and thirteen who have professed Jesus Christ as their Savior and have signed the junior soldier’s promise, becoming a Salvationist. Junior Soldiers utilizes the Totally His curriculum while Honor Junior Soldiers prepares children to participate in the mission of The Salvation Army and for the next step of leadership in their local corps.


Junior Soldiers Promise:

I know that Jesus is my Savior from sin,
I have asked Him to forgive my sins,
and I will trust Him to keep me good.

By His help,
I will be His loving and obedient child,
and will help others to follow Him.

I promise to pray, to read my Bible and, 
by His help, to lead a life that is clean in thought, word and deed.

I will not use anything that may injure my
body Or my mind, including harmful drugs,
alcohol & tobacco.