Divisional Praise Team Application


Bringing God glory through musical worship 


What we ask,

  1. Faithful
    • First; to your relationship with God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
    • To the Word and the private reading of it
    • To regularly attending a Salvation Army Corps 
    • To the Divisional Praise Team
      • To attending rehearsals and events planned
      • We strive to flow well as a team and have as few hiccups as possible. We are leading others in worship not  performing for them.
    • To excellence
      • We will never "wing-it" worship can be Spirit lead and well planned and practiced
    • To encouragement of the team
    • To Prayer
      • We will pray together before the start of every event 
  2. Available 
    • We are asking for a commitement of time
      • For rehearsals/events
        • If you are ever unavailable to attend a rehearsal, then we ask that you not play at the following event
        • All exceptions will come from leadership
    • Note: we are not just looking for more bodies to play instruments. We are looking for people who are committed to ministry through music.
    • To lead
      • As a Praise Team we are leading the hearers in worship. Hesitation often brings confusion
  3. Teachable
    • Be willing to listen and learn from leadership and experience
    • We understand that no one has ever "arrived"
      • When we think we have we become complacent and prideful
    • This requires a spirit of humility and submission to the Lord
    • Be willing to come out of your comfort zone.
      • This can include playing other instruments you know or singing when you may not feel confortable 


Name *
Please give us a brief testimony about your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please note: that we will be in contact with your Corps Officers for a recommendation as well.