"How can we get our youth outside?"

TSAO is all about getting kids outdoors to experience God in His creation. From archery to survival skills, youth are able to engage with their environments in new and exciting ways.


Archery Club

Archery club provides an opportunity for everyone, regardless athleticism, or skill, to participate in the wonderful sport of archery.  Archery is a fun sport that encourages individual character building in the participating individual. Skills like discipline, following expectations, patience, safety and many others are all learned while bettering your archery skill.

Archery has been an effective way to invite delegates to other corps programs. Corps have used community based archery clubs to expand and enhance day camp programs, women’s ministries (focus group), after-school youth programs and much more. 

The opportunity for spiritual development should not be overlooked. Centershot Ministries offers a spiritual component based on the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) model. This curriculum works alongside practical archery principles learned in community based archery to provide an ideal means of evangelism.

The Salvation Army has formed partnerships with The National Archery in Schools Program (NASP®) and Safari Club International (SCIF®) to make recreational and competitive archery available to local corps and community centers.

Click HERE for the Archery starter packet located on our territorial youth website and contact your Divisional Youth Secretary for more information about how to start a group in your community.